5 reasons why massage is a good tool in turning you into a great athlete

If you are an athlete, play any type of sport or perform some form of physical activity, whether it be running, swimming, walking, sprinting, weightlifting, bodyweight exercises, martial arts, going to the gym or perhaps just some yoga or Pilates, then listen up.


1.  Massage gets rid of muscle soreness, aches and pains

A lot of the time, especially if you are pushing your body to the limit, you can be left feeling sore the day after or even a few days after. This is normal and is called D.O.M.S which stands for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. Massage can helps get rid of these aches and pains and stop them in their tracks


2.    Massage increases flexibility and range of motion

 When you exercise you are stimulating the muscles in your body, strengthening them and keeping them in optimal shape. Whatsome people don’t realise is that you are also placing tremendous stress on your muscles and soft tissues as well.  Over time your muscles will become tighter and tighter. Massage will help you to get rid of your muscle tightness, improve your flexibility and your range of motion


3.    Massage prevents unnecessary strains and injuries due to excessive muscle tension

 If you continue to exercise and push your body without doing anything to release the extra tension in your muscles it will eventually lead to muscle imbalances, aches and pains and worst of all a full blown injury or strain. Massage will help you to keep your body supple, in balance and prevent unnecessary pain and injuries.


4.    Massage aids quicker recovery from workouts

 In your day to day life and especially when exercising, “toxins” or waste products are released from your cells and excreted outside the cells membrane. Massage helps to get rid of these excess toxins and waste products at a much faster rate than normal, speeding up and accelerating the detoxification process, improving your circulation and delivering oxygen and nutrition to the cells much more efficiently. It will also help to promote a healthier, deeper more restful sleep, simultaneously helping your muscles and your entire body to recover, regenerate and rejuvenate even faster.


5.    Massage heals injuries faster

 Massage can really help to speed up your recovery time. Not only will massage speed up the bodies natural self-healing processes, it will also compensate for lack of exercise due to the injury and support the tissues and muscles to become strong and healthy. Scar tissue can also develop which will severely limit your flexibility and range of motion thus limiting your performance. It is very important to make sure that you get a massage to get rid of this scar tissue to prevent future injuries from occurring